Thursday, January 6, 2011

[Website Review] - a Forum

I had gotten too anoyed with Pocket Pets and their cookie cutter answers to literally all of my questions (it was as if they were copying and pasting their articles into their reply emails), so I went looking for another source of expert opinion on Sugar Gliders.

And I found  This was a forum that I had sumbled upon earlier but had ignored it because it was a forum (you never know who you're talking to).  But with my annoyance, I decided to give it a shot and dove right in by joining the chat room immediately after I signed up.

While the community as a whole has a tendancy to get a little heated on certain topics (only because they're trying to help the li'l furbats and they bump into the same questions/missconceptions frequently), they are a very helpful and informative group. 

And I'm thrilled to be able to have an actual conversation with someone when I have a question, idea, or concern that I need to bounce off someone. 

Here are some things I like about this website that I've discovered in my aprox. 2 days of being a member:
  • the community is filled with helpful people with passion about their (and all) Sugar Gliders
  • you can get multiple opinions and ideas with multiple people joining the conversation (very active community)
  • they've compiled the 'Gliderpedia' as a place to put a large amount of basic and intermediate level (from what I can tell so far) knowledge about Sugar Gliders and their needs (advanced level needs to be found in the forum and is continued to be discovered because Sugar Gliders are so new to the world of pets)
  • very well formated (despite being a little behind the times when compared to more modern social sites like Facebook) and easy to learn to navagate
  • a well formated and comprehensive profile that you can customize (or not) as you wish
  • lots of pictures, videos, and ideas spread throughout the forum for newbies to look at and glean from
Conclusion, this is definitly a good place to start any research regarding Sugar Gliders. Just don't let yourself get overwelmed when you get 10+ answers to one question (some of them slightly off topic because they want to provide the fullest picture possible).

What's your favorite pet-themed website(s) and why?


  1. Very nicely done
    I have shared this on my facebook page
    I'm SisterSue on glide gosip

  2. Glad you liked the review SisterSue! :D

    Note for those who are unfamiliar with Glider Gossip is the forum section.

  3. Nice site you have covered up everything

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  5. I'm having an issue where none of the posts in the forum on that website are loading :/


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