Friday, January 14, 2011

Ok, I Messed Up

If you haven't read my company review regarding my experience with Pocket Pets, then you might want to do that before reading this post.

Behind the Scenes:

But anyway, here's what's happened between then and now.  Because of that review I received a call from Adam, my local Pocket Pets representative.  Sadly I was in a bad reception zone (dang cell phones!) and the call was dropped before we could actually start the discussion.  He at the time thought I hung up on him and passed it to his boss, Virgil the owner of Pocket Pets.

Virgil sent me a VERY long letter (as an email attachment) that while intelligently and civilly written, basically accused me of slandering his company and warning me off before I get caught up in a huge lawsuit.  (If anyone would like to see the copy of this letter, let me know.)

Wait, what?  He's accusing me of slander?  No way!  Since when is a customer review slanderous?  This is basically what went through my head as I read it to the end.  Almost immediately, I typed up a reply email to Virgil (again, if you'd like to see a copy, let me know).

The gist of the email was along these lines...
  • A review based of personal experience isn't considered slander and is a common place practice among customers of numerous companies
  • I described some concerns that I had regarding my personal experience
  • I mentioned that I was insulted that both he and Adam thought I hung up on Adam earlier
  • I requested that we continue this discussion and can come to a solution peacefully and maturely
  • I promised that if my concerns were taken care of satisfactorily that I would post a public apology with a full explanation (hence this post)

My Apology:

Yes, there was a BIG misunderstanding.  And I did get caught up in the passion too fast.  No I never saw any proof of the accusations (and I never actually posted those accusations as my own).  But, for my part in the drama, I definitely apologize.  I was wrong.

My Reasoning Behind the Apology:

Now that you have the back story, here's what happened next.  Virgil himself never emailed me back (according to Adam he's too tired of the accusations to believe in diplomacy, lol).  However, Adam did call me back (during the lunch hour of 1/14/11).

And during a phone conversation that lasted just over an hour, Adam explained the history and the reason behind Virgil founding Pocket Pets.  He also discussed at length with me regarding various concerns that I had regarding my experience and some of the accusations that I had heard during my lengthy research.  (Sadly there's not many sources out there that I can utilize!)

No, I didn't take notes.  But, he was very respectful and obviously passionate about his work, his side of the story, and his love for his own Sugar Gliders.  And, as far as I'm concerned, they alleviated my worries and suspicions about their ethical standings, concern about the sugar bears, and business practices.

Would I run the business different?  Maybe.  But I truly cannot know since I don't know nearly enough about Sugar Gliders and that type of industry.  And, as of now, I respect where both Virgil and Adam are coming from.

A Note to Those Who Might Be Upset Regarding My Change of Mind:

I have a feeling that I'm going to disappoint many people with this post.  So here are a few things that I want to say to them.
  • I was in no way frightened or bribed or tricked into this
  • I'm not the type to 'change sides' without VERY good cause
  • I still greatly respect your opinions especially regarding the care and quality of life of Sugar Gliders
  • Fritz and any other gliders that I get will be kept in a LARGE cage, be fed the HPW diet, receive plenty of interaction and enrichment
  • I will still assist with the education regarding the care options regarding sugar gliders
  • I will assist with the challenge of breeding mills (as long as there's concrete proof)
  • I will assist regarding the collection of valid data to help reduce any confusion regarding the best care for our favorite little snuggies
  • If you can provide me with CONCRETE (aka can hold up in court) proof that the accusations made against Pocket Pets and affiliates (real or not) are true, then you'll have my full support
Also, unless you have that concrete proof regarding what you're saying about Pocket Pets, I'm suggesting that you quiet down because Virgil is going to court about this.  And he has every right to as a businessman and a human being.  I'm not trying to threaten anyone, this is just a piece of friendly advice.

If anyone would like to question me further regarding this change of mind, please feel free to message me here or on or (I'm KatFarrell).

Ok, now for a lighter topic, I want to hear your favorite sugar glider stories!  :D

P.S. - Adam, now you can show this to Virgil and hopefully increase his faith in the sugar glider caregiver community!  :D


  1. Virgil can shove it. He sent his goons against me when I made a post online and threatened both me and my job-threatening to sue me for thousands if not millions for a small post I made. I know that Pocket Pets resorts to bullying and harrassment and have spies everywhere. And I'm sure they will find a way to see this and trace it back to me and come a knocking. I'm not afraid to stand up for my beliefs-and as a biologist I can tell you that I am so sick of the lies that breeders like this spew out to the public.

    PPP has no respect for the glider community, they live off of the stupidity of the public to buy into the hype of wanting a neat new pet and impuslively buying. I'm not going to be bought or threatened into apologizing.....sorry you aren't convincing me by this post.

  2. Kat if you could please contact me, I would appreciate it. As the Creator of the HPW diet, I am pleased to see this is the diet you will be feeding your babies!! You can email me and I will gladly send you my phone number. Email is

  3. Thank you for your heartfelt comment and I greatly respect your opinion.

    The reason I did this was because I promised Virgil that if his company was able to satisfy the concerns I had, that I would publicly apologise for the missunderstanding. I was at no point bullied or threatened (except for the letter about the slander law case he's building). I was at no point bribed.

    I'm not trying to convince anyone, especially since I currently have no clue myself. Frankly, at this point, I don't have enough information either way to make a truly educated decision for myself.

    I wish you the best and I hope this conflict is able to correct itself for the good of the gliders.

  4. Thanks for the comment Peggy! I'm about to send you an email know as I have a few questions regarding keeping with the right cal:phos ratio and such things. Thank you for reading and I hope you continue to enjoy my posts. :D

  5. Note: I recently had to delete a comment posted annomiously as the poster used offensive language (liberal cussing). I try not to have to moderate comments, but I do want a peaceful environment where people can have constructive conversations. I'm sorry for any inconvienance this may have caused.

  6. Sometimes it appears you are concerned with the welfare of Sugar Gliders everywhere. I really like most of the info in your various blogs.

    That stated, I really hate the fact that PPP/PP/Custom Cage Works & All the associated sites and companies are giving bad advice and that the advise they give is dangerous to the health of the sugar gliders. (See your own Blog report regarding the Suggie Soup recipe)
    And you seem oblivious to their slick sales practices and the harm they continue to cause to the gliders. They have the audacity to charge $400 for under age and often sick babies. Can't forget that lousy diet they claim is sufficient.

    The fact that you even use their term "bears" replacing "gliders" in the Suggie Soup Interview seems further proof that you don't care if the poor animals continue to be shoved on the uneducated public.

    I think you can do better.

    P.S. Spell Check



  7. Firstly, I ONLY use 'sugar bear' to help with keywords. People do search for it, so I might as well try to get their visit.

    Second, everything I read points that Custom Cages (and its various names) are seperate from Perfect Pocket Pets. While I've heard meany bad personal stories regarding Custom Cages, I've heardly come across any (and I have looked for them) about PPP. So, again, I am NOT choosing sides unless I can be convinced to my satisfaction either way.

    All I can really do is provide the best care I possibly can to my own furbats & do my best to help those who ask for help. So I'll focus my energies upon that & providing what data possible to neutral research groups.

    I'm glad you like most of my posts. I do my best to provide unbiased information to help others make educated decisions for themselves.

  8. Seriously???? You can't heardly (hardly) come across any??? SERIOUSLY????????

    PLEASE do your own google search and spell out for "PPP"
    A whole lot of people NOT connected to the glider forums have complaints.
    Just can not believe you can possibly still give them benefit of the doubt.
    Sorry, can't understand how you can NOT find complaints.

  9. I have searched. I've spent hours looking for negative reviews. In most cases what I've seen is 'Dang, I didn't know. Thankfully I'm one of the lucky ones with a healthy glider from them.' So unless I'm mistaken and Custom Cageworks & PPP are the same company, the only horrid stories I've been able to come across are related to Custom Cageworks.

    When you've sold over 20,000 gliders in 16 years, there are bound to be 'faulty product' and situations where the customer isn't being observant enough with their sugar gliders.

    I'm not taking sides on this one. Do I agree with how PPP does things? No. But then I'd run almost every business out there at least slightly different. But I'm not going to jump the gun and make someone out to be the 'evil empire' just because a bunch of people call them such.

    With all of the truly negative reviews of Custom Cage works, I am pretty much convinced that they're not concerned with the health & happiness of the sugar glider or good customer service. But in all honesty, I have not seen the same regarding Pocket Pets.

    I'm not trying to convince anyone of anything. My goal with this blog is to merely provide information so people can make an educated decision.

  10. The majority of the community of people who hate PPP & speak badly of them have never actually done business with them. How many of you have actually bought a glider from PPP? Many of you haven't. Its ashame that some one will allow another persons 'word' make a decision for them. How are you guys any better? You too are shoving your own opinions into the UNeducateds throat. Growing into this huge community who becomes more & more "negative" about things (even beyond PPP) rather than keeping a positive attitude. People are so scared to make decisions themselves and will quickly "jump on the bandwagon" of "hating PPP", without even having any credible proof PERSONALLY.

    I am not saying that they (PPP) are "perfect" & run an exceptional establishment, but I am also not going to say that they dont. As I haven't "PERSONALLY" done business w/ them. As MANY OF YOU HAVENT as well.

    Just as kat says, while selling 20,000 in over 16 years, OF COURSE something will happen. Just as you (anyone this applies to) ,a breeder, may come across a sick joey that you produced. Or even a customer who is uphappy w/ you. Now would you like for that person to slander you and your business? Not only the customer, but for that person to cause more ppl to slander you too? Ppl who haven't even done business w/ you, but are instead taking the word of someone elses? And what if ppl then begin to EXAGGERATE? Making falsie comments?

    I see where ppl would automatically dislike PPP. They are breeding LOTS of gliders in a huge establishment.

    BUT if those gliders are being cared for properly, what can you say? NOTHING. & if you haven't visit their establishment to see with your "own" eyes the care, or neglect of their animals, what can you say? Again NOTHING.

    & while ppl continue to bash them, have you taken time to see if they have improved in any places needed?

    Or better yet, why dont ppl "politely" suggest ways to PPP where they can improve? Or did you never consider it?

    I am not a supporter or unsupportive of PPP. The reason for my post is because I am so irritated, and tired of seeing negativity around PPP from people who have NEVER dealt with them personally. Quit allowing people to make decisions & opinions for you. Quit being a follower. Dont be afraid to be shunned, who cares? If you dont have an experience with PPP, then be quiet.

    P.S. Of course if you slander someone, they are going to send you a nasty reply. Its called sticking up for your self. How can you get mad at that?

  11. Thank you for your comment! I hope you're enjoying my posts and appreciate the support.

  12. I can definitely say that when I got my sugar glider from a woman who knew absolutely nothing, I am sure, about taking care of them I went to do some research on them myself. I found Pocket Pets and read through their information and decided that it seemed simple enough for me and my financial standings and it also sounded safe. I have sense then been feeding and caring for my glider using their instructions and I have seen a significant improvement in my sugar glider. He began to show signs of good health and he became more active. Since I acquired my little guy I have been considering buying a companion for him from Pocket Pets.

    I can personally say that they answered all my questions I had about acquiring a new baby and I am very happy with their service as of right now. All of their information has helped me greatly and the diet they suggest is just as healthy as home made diets, in some cases more so, and still affordable for me. It's not that the home made diets are not really healthy when done right, but they can be a bit expensive when you are on a budget. :)

    Another thing I really appreciate about Pocket Pets is that they will not ship your baby to you and they will not sell to you unless you meet them first. It makes me feel more secure about the glider's safety and their commitment to their customers.

    I definitely commend you for taking the time to get all the information you could from them and doing a public apology. Your worries were warranted though as many online sites do give false information and, even though they seem professional, can end up being mills or ill taken care of. You just have to be very careful about what information you take as truth and what you do not. :)

  13. Thank you for your very well thought out comment Ashley. I commend you for doing your research through multiple sources & encourage finding your little one a friend. I've noticed that my Fritz seems much happier now that I've added Quin & Nia to the clan. :D

  14. Hi,
    I actually got my sugar glider from a reptile show. The shop was called "Sugar Glider R Us" The man there told us so much stuff and we were so excited to have a new pet. He was throwing the glider around, squishing it, and telling us everything we needed to know (or so we thought). We decided to buy one impulsively. How could anyone pass one of those adorable, cheap, easy-to-care-for pets? The man told us we had gotten the perfect one that did not bite. We were happy with our decision. We played with our sugar glider during the day and left it in it's small cramped cage. A few days later, we figured out that we had bought our sugar glider from a mill. That's right, a sugar glider mill. We were so sad. Turns out sugar gliders need lots of time and care, they are nocturnal, need a special diet, need a big cage, you need 2, you have to get a special wheel or they can die, etc. We were so devastated, we gave her away. We were even more depressed now. We wanted her back, but we just couldn't handle it. One day, we went back and hoped just hoped nobody had bought her. The pet shop happily handed her back to us (but we had to re-buy her). We were all really happy! We got her a new cage, fed her the right diet, and did everything you need to do to make a glider happy. Except we forgot one thing. Our sugar glider (Lilo) needed a friend. So we got her a new friend from a breeder (a good breeder of course. Lots of good breeders on Facebook). We got Lilo her new friend (Nani). We tried to introduce them the first day but didn't work out. So we waited a bit and they became best friends. Now they happily play in their big cage filled with toys and in the night we have bathroom time. They are much happier together. And although we had some tough times, we are now getting a 3rd sugar glider.
    Pocket pets is indeed bad, but do as you do. After all, Lilo was from a bad place but she is having a happy life now. Just try to avoid false information! Thanks for taking the time to read!

    Here are some reviews for Pocket Pets. Consider reading them!


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