Monday, January 3, 2011

Local Business Showing Community Support to the Troops

Hey! I know this is not in my list of topics that I'd said I'd be posting about, but it's a good cause and I'm trying everything I can to spread the word.

My family's business is working to send care packages to our troops serving overseas and they're trying to get the community involved as well.  This way our warriors get the best support possible; they deserve to know that we appreciate all they do.

Here's how you can help:

1: Help Spread the Word
  • share this on any social media outlets you're on
  • email your friends, family, coworkers, etc
  • bloggers, reporters, etc are more than welcome to cover the event and/or interview me or another member of the Mercer Team regarding this community project
2: Donate Time

On Sunday, January 30th from noon till 4pm Mercer Carpet One is opening up our Downtown Westminster Showroom as a packing station to prep the care packages for shipping. Any and all are more than welcome to stop by to help out. 

Light refreshments will be provided (Birdie's is bringing the coffee!).  All who help will be given a small thank you gift from Mercer Carpet One.

If anyone serving in a uniform (military, police, fire department, etc) can join us, please wear your uniform so we can thank you appropriately.

3: Donate Money

It takes $25 to ship two packages. Please send or bring monetary donations to our Downtown Westminster Showroom.

4: Donate Items

The drop box is at our Downtown Westminster Showroom (26 W. Main St, Westminster, MD - the teal building) and we're accepting donations all the way up to the 30th.

Here's a list of ideas for possible item donations -

Top 12 Requested Items:
1.    Beef Jerky
2.    Good coffee
3.    Ziploc bags (to keep sand out of things)
4.    Individual wrapped snacks of all kinds
5.    Movies
6.    Nuts
7.    Wipes (to help keep clean)
8.    Cards or small games
9.    Powdered drink mix (esp. w/electrolytes)
10. White socks
11. Lip balm
12. Moisturizing lotion
·         Cookies/crackers/pretzels (snack sizes)
·         Tuna in a pouch
·         Canned meats (no pork)
·         Any kind of jerky
·         Cheese spread (no aerosol cans)
·         Ramen noodles
·         Peanut butter
·         Pop-top canned fruit
·         Snack cakes
·         Gum
·         Nuts/trail mix/dried fruit
·         Granola bars
·         Pop-Tarts
·         Throat drops
·         Individually wrapped candy
Hygiene Supplies:
·         Razors and shaving cream
·         Deodorant
·         Toothpaste & toothbrushes
·         Facial cleansing pads
·         Eye drops
·         Soap/body wash
·         Shampoo and conditioner
·         Sunblock (High SPF)
·         Feminine hygiene products
·         Foot powder
·         AA and AAA batteries
·         Books (mysteries, action, drama, SciFi)
·         Magazines (new or nearly new – sports, news, entertainment, travel, nature)
·         Playing cards
·         Small hand-held games
·         Crossword puzzles/word search/sudoku
·         CDs/DVDs
Sports Equipment:
·         Baseballs/softballs
·         Baseball/softball gloves
·         Soccer balls/basketballs/volleyballs
·         Pump for inflatable balls
·         Squirt guns
Other Good Ideas:
·         Socks
·         Cool scarves
·         Sand scarves
·         Blank cards/stationary/paper
·         Envelopes and stamps
·         Pens/pencils (w/sharpeners)
·         Pre-paid international phone cards
·         Disposable cameras
·         Cards and/or letters of support and encouragement
·         All food items must be in the manufacturer’s original packaging
·         No chocolate except M-n-M’s
·         Wrap any potentially leaky items in Ziploc baggies

Any and all help is more than welcome! Thank you in advanced for everything you're able to do.

If you have any questions, please let me know using the comments form below or emailing me at

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