Friday, January 21, 2011

Stink Bugs and Sugar Gliders

I have discovered a way to rid us of the Stink Bug Plague!

What we need to do is import a bunch of Sugar Gliders and set them up in the wild.  Why?  Cause they eat Stink Bugs! (My Fritz ate one this morning, now I know why my apartment was never flooded with them like others I know, lol.)

Now, what would you rather have in your back yard?  A cute Sugar Glider colony or a swarm of nasty Stink Bugs?

I already know my vote!

Sugar Gliders would be prime candidates for these reasons:
  • they're the only animal that I know of that LIKES to eat these nasty bugs
  • they DON'T breed in high numbers, so they can't become invasive
  • their preferred climate is moderate through tropical
  • if we set them up now, more southern states will be better protected against the stink bug swarm
  • while they can go into a semi-hibernation state, harsh winters will help control their population
  • there are plants here that are harmful to the sugar gliders, also helping with population control
  • once our wild gliders are set up we can carefully select a few at a time to help keep our domesticated pool healthy and diverse (no more inbreeding)
  • they are not known to carry diseases
  • it is rare to have an allergy to them (and is generally caused by bites or scratches, much like any animal)
Yes, it is true: I have thought about this  WAY too much.

So, Pennsylvania, do you still want Sugar Gliders to be considered illegal after the many years you've spent with Stink Bugs?  And Maryland, isn't one summer with this plague enough?  Virginia and south, the time to prepare for the plague is NOW!

What do you think?


  1. really? sugar gliders can prevent stink bugs from infesting in our house? but can we tamed sugar gliders?

  2. Hi, I was doing some searching around the internet and noticed you belong to a sugar glider forum (don't worry, I'm not being creepy, I just did an internet search!). Just wondering, what is the brand of your 18x30x55 cage? Do you remember? if you do, could you please e-mail me at
    I just want to do some research on that brand before I buy! Thanks!

  3. LOL It's going to take a few generations to fully domesticate them. But I, and many others, find them rewarding pets as is!

    No worries Christine, I wrote a post about one of them so if you hadn't said anything, I wouldn't have thought twice about it. :D I got my cage off EBay for about $200. It is powder coated. And for the life of me I don't remember the name. I'll do some digging & email you what I find.

    Thanks for reading & commenting!

  4. Sugar gliders – they’re not only cute pets; they’re useful to be around since they’ll help you get rid of nasty bugs. Where did you get yours? Do you have a name for it? It looks cute in that photo. Priscilla @


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