Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What is a Sugar Glider

Hehehe, I know this won't stop the questions, but this is for those who have never heard of such a creature.

A Sugar Glider is a tiny marsupial (yes, from Australia like Kangaroos) who is nocturnal, highly social(1), omnivorous(2), and highly curious.

1) Sugar Gliders live in groups as large as 20 of their own kind in the wild
2) in the wild they'll eat bugs, fruit, leaves, veggies, eggs, etc.  I feed my little guy a 'kibble' that the breeder recommended plus vitamins, fruit, and other treats.

My li'l furbat is named Fritz.  He's about 6 months out of the pouch (I'm not kidding, that's the official term) now.

They LOVE anything sweet, so he snatched a quick lick.
That picture should give you an idea of just how small they are.  They can get up to 7oz and are full grown at about 4" long (plus the tail that's as at least as long as the body).

That's a basic summary of what a Sugar Glider is.  There will be more like this coming soon.  But for now, any questions?  Did I leave anything out of this brief 'definition'?  Do you own a Sugar Glider?  Are you thinking of getting one?  What unusual pets do you think are the coolest?

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