Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My First Post

This post is to serve as a kind of 'welcome' post (a.k.a. starter content lol).

So, welcome!

I'm Kat and this is my personal blog.  No, that doesn't mean that I'll talk mindlessly about what I did today. I'm going to use this as a platform to help me share information with you. 

Most of the time I'll be talking about...
  • sugar gliders (I'll explain what that is in another post)
  • various food and drink 'adventures' (I'm a foodie, lol)
  • marketing (especially non-traditional marketing and doubly especially web marketing)
  • wellness discoveries (basically what I've stumbled upon as I attempt to keep all aspects of myself healthy)
  • and pretty much anything else I find interesting lol
I look forward to sharing and talking with you as the future unfolds.  Please, comment on and share any posts that you find interesting/worthy.  If I leave anything out, there's a related topic that you'd like to share, maybe a related link - whatever you decide - bring it on!  :-D

Have fun and I'll talk you to later!

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