Wednesday, December 22, 2010

East Coast Wine: Good Wine Cheap

There seems to be a conception out there that the only good wine is made in California or Europe.  So not true (and definitely not kind to your wallet)!

The first Maryland Wine Festival I was able to go to (right before I turned 22 because my birthday is the weekend after the fest) made me realize that there are some fantastic local wineries.  (And most local wines can be bought for less than $20!)

Ever since then, I've gotten into the habit of visiting local wineries during their special events and touring other local wine festivals.  And not just because you can get good wine on a budget there...
  • Expand my horizons as a budding wine enthusiast
  • Learn more about what's available locally and who does what best
  • Have fun (definitely don't forget that!)
I've also been able to taste wines from other small wineries in the Mid-Atlantic States and have been excited for the taste results.

So far my favorite wineries include...
  • Boordy Vineyards - Their Shiraz is fantastic (it's what got me from only a white drinker to also enjoy most reds)
  • Terrapin Station Winery - Yes, they box their wine...but you cannot beat the quality, taste, and price!
How about you?  Do you enjoy local wine?  What are your favorites?

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